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Designed to last for decades, not years!



Using leftovers and waste materials.

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Unique bags handmade from leftover materials

We're crafting custom designed backpacks, sling bags, and other practical carriers by upcycling billboards and spare canvases that would otherwise end up as waste.

As unique as you are.

Twenty plus years of expertise in every detail

Months, sometimes years are spent extensively testing our bags before the design is finalized and manufacturing begins. See some of the powerful features below.


Why we do it

Going circular is the only way to ensure a viable and sustainable future, as we can no longer afford to live in a throw-away culture. In our view, used materials are incredible resources and provide rich potential for the creation of exceptional and practical items.

What we do

Apart from producing bags and other carriers, we also provide services related to upcycling and ecological design. We often collaborate with partners that have similar beliefs about the economy of circularity and the development of a sustainable future.

How we do it

First and foremost, we carefully consider every tiny aspect and detail to make each product a masterpiece in terms of durability, unique appeal, and unmatched qualities. More important to us than trends are usefulness, usability, and practicality.

Workshop participant
Upcycling workshop series

Create your own

Come design and make a bag for yourself or to give as a present to someone special. Anyone interested in sustainable design and constructing things in a creative and fun atmosphere is welcome to attend our Budapest workshop.

Our customers say
Our customers say
Besides the nice comments I've gotten from friends, this bag is the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. The straps and pockets were carefully thought out to make it not only look good but also be very useful.
— Csenge from Budapest
Our customers say
I'm really delighted with my basket! On top of looking great, it's super functional for going shopping.
— Martina from Prague
Our customers say
I've never had such a useful bag. Despite having a travel bag, I bring it with me on walks and wear it all the time. It was worth every cent.
— Anna from Berlin


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