Let us design and upcylce together!

We help transform your old advertising banners into useful products.


150.000 m² of upcycled advertising banners

Waste of a tremendous volume has been saved since 2006.


Over 15.000 workshop participants

Hundreds of satisfied partners benefited from the productive partnerships.


Together, we will craft original and durable things

Let's turn your waste into remarkable items.

We develop and produce bags, accessories, and other products for organizations like yours by reusing old marketing materials.

Together, we come up with new functions and forms. Unique bags and carriers or a custom developed workshop can emphasize the ever growing importance of environmentally conscious behavior.

This is a great opportunity to express and communicate you values related to sustainability to clients and colleagues.

Bags and accessories

These products may be sold and distributed through your own channels, or they can make excellent gifts for coworkers and business partners.

Lounge seats and sofas

For both, your indoor and outdoor spaces, waterproof and extremely durable seating furniture can be designed and manufactured.