Backpack - BETA #001


🌟 Stay Organized:
Say goodbye to clutter with smartly constructed pockets. You'll find an exterior pocket at the rear for easy access needs, and inside, uncover useful pockets, including one expressly intended to store your water bottle.

🌿 Sustainability Meets Style:
Made from high-quality industrial scrap cloth, this bag is not only trendy but also kind to the environment. Feel good about yourself for making a statement with your style and reducing waste at the same time.

With its convenient proportions of 42x35x15 cm, our lightweight, small backpack is able to effortlessly suit your busy schedule. This bag is built to last through your hectic day of classes, work, and exploring the city.

Make a statement with a backpack as versatile as you are and step up your daily routine with this sleek and eco-friendly companion.

Backpack Features:

- minimalist style, clean lines
- watertight zips
- 1 pocket outside at the back
- 1 small pocket inside on the front and 1 water-bottle pocket next to it

Dimensions: 42x35x15 cm
Weight: 0,32 kg
Materials: factory leftover fabric