Shoulder Bag - BOBEK 060


- waterproof zip
- extra strap for cycling
- 1 inner pocket

Dimensions: 34x22x14
Material: factory leftover fabric

Practical bag designed for everyday use. It can be worn as a waist bag or a shoulder bag when you adjust the strap. Thanks to the three-point fastening, it moves with your body and doesn't slip forward even when cycling. The second strap is adjustable, allowing you to wear it securely on both your right and left shoulders. The main compartment offers ample space for your everyday essentials such as a water bottle, notebook, or camera. The inner pocket provides easy access to items you need quickly, like your phone, keys, or wallet. The lower pocket is designed for smaller items.

The bag is made from high-quality factory leftover fabric, contributing to waste reduction. All our products are crafted in the EU using local workforce.