Basket - SUN #041


This beautiful basket is wonderful for shopping, but it also works well for a cool picnic or a trip to the beach. You can just put in anything you need; there is enough storage even for larger items like blankets, towels, balls, racquets, and so on.

It is composed of repurposed mesh material that was formerly used as advertising banners on buildings. You may learn about how these types of bags are made here.

The basket features the longer handles than our EXPO model and it has twice the capacity. It also contains an interior and outside pocket for storing your keys, wallet, and other essentials.

SUN Basket Features:

- Comfortable straps.
- Two pockets.
- Colorful - Roomy

Dimensions: 39x44x15
Weight: 0,6 kg
Capacity: 26 l
Materials: abandoned advertisement banner mesh